Arizona Cactus Classic

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Teams should check-in at tournament headquarters – McKale Memorial Center Lohse Room (3rd Floor South McKale). All brackets will be kept up at this site and we will have an information table at the site. Headquarters will be open Friday (4pm-11pm), Saturday (8:00am-11pm), and Sunday (9am-3pm).

The tournament will provide a t-shirt and meal tickets to every player participant. These can only be picked up by a coach or team contact. We will not hand out individual shirts and meal tickets to players. The shirts and meal tickets can be picked up at Tournament Headquarters.

For all teams, bring proof of age/grade of all your players with you to the tournament. This is important.

There is an admission charge for all spectators - tournament pass $10, cash only (Sunday Only $5.00). Three coaches and all players from each team get in free. Tournament passes will be available at the south side of McKale Memorial Center during all three days of the tournament.


1. Normal high school rules with stop clock on all dead balls.

2. There will be two 16-minute halves.

3. 3 timeouts total per game - Two (2) full timeouts and one (1) thirty-second timeout.

4. One minute halftime.

5. Guaranteed three (3) minute warm-up between games.

6. Overtime is two (2) minutes - one (1) 30 second timeout in overtime with no carryovers. Each additional overtime is two (2) minutes with no timeout.

7. A player fouls out on his 5th personal foul.

8. A team reaches 1-and-1 bonus on the 10th team foul of each half. There is no 2-shot bonus.

9. Team listed on top of bracket is home and wears light color. Bring both colors to game in case a team does not have extra uniforms.

10. Two technical fouls result in an automatic ejection from the game.

11. All teams move from pool play to the championship bracket.

12. Seeding from each pool will be determined by win-loss record in pool play. Incase of ties, head-to-head competition determines seed. If 3 teams are tied, a point system comes into effect. There is a maximum of +15 for a win in pool and -15 for a loss in pool. All games in pool are included in figuring point system. In case teams are still tied, the least total points allowed in pool play will determine the higher seed. In case there is still a tie, a coin toss will determine seeding.

13. At the end of pool play, check brackets at headquarters for seeding as you might play within a few hours. In case of changes, the brackets at McKale Memorial Center Headquarters are final and official. Please check with the gym you are playing in order to verify any bracket times and locations. You are responsible for knowing where and when your team plays. You can always ask the gym supervisor to check for you at the gym when you finish pool play. If you do not arrive within FIVE MINUTES of your scheduled bracket game time, it will be a forfeit.

14. A player can only play on one team during the entire event. If a team loses, that player cannot switch to another team still in competition. All players participating in bracket play must have participated in at least one of the team's pool games.

15. Unsigned Seniors: Unsigned seniors can play as long as they have not committed in writing to play for a college at any level. Unsigned prep school players are also eligible to play in the tournament. If a player has signed a letter of intent and you think they won't qualify because of grades, they still cannot play. The tournament management has the right to exclude any senior from playing. If a team is found to have an illegal player (over age), they will receive losses for all games played and possibly be disqualified from the
tournament. The player in question will not be allowed to play. For all teams, bring proof of age/grade of all your players with you at the tournament. This is important.

16. During the Championship Round only (not during pool play), if a team is ahead by 20 or more points with one minute to go, the clock will not stop during that last minute.

17. The Tournament Director will have the final say regarding any disputes.

18. The Arizona Cactus Classic will present individual trophies and t-shirts to all team members for the Champion of the tournament.

19. A five member All Tournament Team and Most Valuable Player will be selected after the tournament has concluded by the tournament selection committee.